Notes on Self Build – It can get lonely

— 1 minute read

We know that architecture projects can take quite a long time – three years from start to finish is not uncommon and if you take into account the process of arranging finance and finding and buying the site at the start of the process, then the it gets even longer.

All throughout this time, there are points where you need to have good people you can turn to for advice and this is where architects are well positioned to take advantage of their existing contacts. For our most recent project we worked with engineers, party wall surveyors, approved inspectors for building control, a main contractor, a landscape contractor and drainage specialist and an estate agent. We have worked with all of these specialists before on previous projects and we know them well.

This history of getting along with each other in the past has given us confidence at times when things were getting difficult. So when starting out on a self-build project start looking at your team as early as you can. It really helps.