Notes on Self Build – You know your are nearly finished when...

— 1 minute read

The last part of any job is always hard work. Those final finishing touches are the ones that you end up looking at and they come along just when builders, clients and architects can’t wait to get everything done.

But when it is your own job, the finishing process seems to require even more energy. There I was in a builders’ supplies shop looking at curtain poles and I started thinking that this surely is the last of the decisions that I need to make for this job.  What else can there be after curtain poles. (We have already done the letter box and the house number.) But that was two weeks ago and we are still at it.

We have decided that in order to get the house well and truly finished we are going to spend the weekend there to test everything out once and for all. The estate agent is booked in for next week and I am hoping that she is going to tell us to stop being so precious about it and let someone move in themselves.