Yoakley Road, Stoke Newington

A Victorian house in Stoke Newington that we extended and renovated.

We refurbished and extended a run down Victorian house in Stoke Newington. Planning permission was required for the two storey extension. A main contractor was employed for the main construction work and we acted as project managers for the refurbishment and fit out works.

The house has a deep plan which was modified and extended to give a family room to grow. A history of poor quality alterations has been stripped away and a two-storey rear extension has been added to breathe life, light and air into what had been dark, difficult spaces.

From inside and out, the project is a development of the garden landscape. At ground floor level the building and garden disappear into each other and at first floor level the extension disguises itself as a kind of tree house set on sedum.

The V form in the ground floor plan accentuates the importance of the garden as it punches into the dining space. From there, angles refract off each other to create a family of indoor and outdoor spaces for exploring, playing and thinking.

Structural engineers for the job were Conisbee, who are based in Kings Cross. The project was completed in 2009 with a construction cost of £125,000.

We enjoyed building this one and had some fun with the details…

  • Date 18 Jan 2016
  • Tags Houses